Clinical picture and coma depth

9:34 AM

In a clinical terms coma is turning off of consciousness with loss of self-perception and perception of environment. Loss of consciousness can habe different degrees according to which different medical terms can be applied:

· destemperment - aberration, “overcast of consciousness ”, deafenation;
· somnolence - sleepiness;
· sopor - unconsciousness, insensibility, pathological hibernation, a deeper kind of deafenation;
· coma - the deepest degree of cerebral failure.

As a rule, the first three variant are diagnosed as precoma. However, there are no pathogenetically proved and precisely outlined clinical differentiations of all four degrees of coma (they are mostly referred to different coma stages).

Consequently, the use of term "state of coma" is widely approved with no dependence on the degree of loss of consciousness. The state of coma can be estimated by a simple and still quite informative scale.


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