Development of Cerebral Failure

10:36 AM

Oppression of consciousness and weakening of reflexes (tendinous, periosteal, dermal and craniocerebral nerves) progresses until complete fading in accordance with the stage of coma. Youngest reflexes are subjected to comatose death first.

In case of absence of focal damage of the brain, deepening of coma is accompanied by bilateral pathological marks and their subsequuent loss. Narrowness is characteristic of focal brain damage. Meningeal marks - rigidity of occipital muscles that accompany defeat of cerebral environments, meningitis, meningocephalitis - also appear during cerebral edema and irritation of cerebral environments.

Development of cerebral failure with fading functioning of CNS results in various abnormalities of respiration, hypo- or hyper-ventilation and corresponding respiratory shifts of acid-alkaline condition. Strong disorders of hemodynamics usually occur in the terminal state.

Various clinical displays, rate of development, and anamnesis are rather specific for different variants of comas.


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